Manufacturers of Flow Meters, Level Gauges, Flow / Level Switches, Controls And Transmitters, Mumbai, India
Manufacturers Of Flow Meters, Level Gauges, Flow / Level Switches, Controls and Transmitters, Mumbai, India

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About Us


TANSA Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Indian manufacturers of “Flow & Level Measuring Instruments” since 1994. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 Company located at Wagale Industrial Estate in the Industrial belt of Thane.

We have continuously introduced new techniques with higher degree of sophistication and customer desired features to offer an extensive range of standard Flow meters, level gauges, Flow & Level switches, controls and transmitters for liquids & solids to cover varied applications in diverse industrial sectors.

The Thane works is equipped most modern machining, testing, welding facilities. In addition it has special purpose calibration setup for the calibration of the flow measuring instruments. The master meters which we use, are Yokogawa Make “Electromagnetic Flow Meters” having international traceability. Our calibrations setups are as per as per ISA-RP16.1, 2, 3-1959. We have orifice calculation programs as per BS 1042 and ISO 5167, which ensure consistent quality & timely delivery. The works is manned by highly qualified managerial staff and skilled workmen.

Quality and adherence to material integrity is a tradition at TANSA. Our products are designed & engineered to provide reliable performance and they conform to appropriate industrial standards and are approved by critical Third Party Inspecting Authorities.

Our focal point has always been the customer, with whom we work in close consultation & co-operation to provide optimal solutions. Our approach is to respect and understand the needs of customers and be utmost flexible within practical limits, in coming closer to all their expectations. The broad list of our customers across diversified regions and markets along with their repeat orders for last several years is a standing testimony of
the reliability of our products & services.


Flow Meters, Level Gauges, Flow / Level Switches, Controls and Transmitters, Mumbai, India
  Level Indicators
Transparent Level Indicators
Reflex Level Indicators
Magnetic Level Indicators
Float and Board Level Indicators
Tubular Level Indicator
Top Mounted Level Indicators
Top & Side Mounted Level Switches
Sight Flow Indicator

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